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You think groceries and dining out are expensive now, wait.

A new report says food prices in Canada are expected to hit all-time highs in 2022.

The authors of the Canadian Food Prices Report predict that an average family of four will pay $ 966 more for food next year, for a total annual food bill of nearly $ 15,000.

That’s a seven percent increase from this year, the biggest jump on record.

The biggest price increases will occur on the dairy shelves of grocery stores and restaurants.

Sylvain Charlebois is director of the Agri-Food Analysis Laboratory at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

He says soaring food prices will contribute to increasing food insecurity in Canada because wages do not increase by the same amount.

“When food inflation rises by 7% and wages don’t keep up, food affordability is compromised,” Charlebois explained. 24th in the world now and we expect Canada to fall even more in 2022, unfortunately. “

This could leave food bank staff grappling with higher costs as demand for their services increases.

The cost of food in Canada has increased by 70% from 2000 and has been steadily increasing since 2010, with the pandemic accelerating this trend.

The report says the main drivers of rising food prices next year are supply chain disruptions, labor market problems and adverse weather events.


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