Uncertainty hangs over the state’s main radio stations, UT


Staff are concerned about Prasar Bharati’s decision to convert four main radio stations in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry into AIR-Chennai relay stations.

The order was supposed to go into effect in January of this year, but was stuck until this month. Sources said AIR Madurai, Tiruchi, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli and Puducherry will relay programs primarily produced by the Chennai station starting next week.

Radio listeners, lecturers, writers, teachers, students, scientists and social activists signed a petition to Prasar Bharati, the director of AIR-Chennai and MPs, demanding a step back because ‘they fear a uniform model and common programs. would kill the local flavor of the programs broadcast so far.

Local auditors

AIR-Madurai Radio Science commentator for 18 years, P. Rajamanickam, said the main stations started operating independently from 1947 from Chennai and Tiruichi. Subsequently, the other four found autonomy to generate their own programs. He informed listeners of local events and events and other important announcements.

Each station produced its local programs on women, youth, children, health, sports, folk, performing and other creative arts and promoted local talent. Radio stations also responded to the needs of farmers.

For example, AIR-Tiruchi covered the delta regions, while Madurai AIR broadcast on Ramanathapuram and Virudhunagar during the same airtime to give listeners needs-based and region-specific information.

“But now, by merging regional content with national and central content, the radio’s goal of reaching and meeting the last local man will be defeated,” Rajamanickam said. “This decision is not justified because the linguistic divergence and the cultural flavor of the interiors will be lost,” he added.

A former program manager at AIR-Madurai said the move would reduce the workload as each station suffered from a severe staff shortage. But that would seal the local recruitment of occasional advertisers who recorded and produced the majority of local programs.

Airtime sharing

If the order is implemented, the daily production days of the five main chains will be reduced to the allotted days as they will now share airtime. “As a result, employees will be made redundant and the independent broadcasting system we have invested in will be wiped out,” he said.

According to another staff member, a similar order was issued for radio stations across Assam last December, but was rescinded after protests from locals.

The Tamil Nadu Science Forum also urged state lawmakers to intervene immediately to prevent the deaths of independent Tamil Nadu and Puducherry radio stations and the hearing.

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