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UMngomezulu is a South African DJ / producer whose passion for music started at a young age while playing with music software.

Thulasizwe Mngomezulu known as “UMngomezulu” officially known as “Deepland” from Kwa Zulu Natal based in Johannesburg (South Africa) her musical touch evokes emotions and stands out from the crowd as she is influenced by the organic house / down tempo / melodic deep.

He enrolled in a music production institute to gain a full professional understanding of how to produce music in 2009 when he used a different alias “Deepland”. Growing up, he was influenced by different African musical genres such as Maskandi, Umbhaqanga and Afrobeat.

Before learning to produce professionally, he took piano and guitar lessons at the age of 15, which led him to be more interested in arranging music than playing instruments. Although you understand how playing musical instruments is useful to him when he’s in the studio, he plans to collaborate with instrumentalists this year as he plans to release his debut album.


This will be the first time he will release an album under the name “UMngomezulu”, however he released his first album under the name “Deepland” titled “Deepland Presents Deep Inside” in 2010 under a label called Music, Myself and I. In 2018 he changed his stage name from “Deepland” to “UMngomezulu” which is his ancestral clan name, the reason for the change was to make the world understand that it is normal to use your real name. African given by your ancestors because it is a surname used by many people of the same clan. After releasing under the name “Deepland”, he took a break from music release to concentrate on his studies in radio broadcasting and post-production at the Academy Of Sound Engineering in Johannesburg. be a good thing for him since it was the same record store that signed him under his label Music, Myself and I. From selling records and promoting music inside the store, the inspiration for releasing music again was rekindled when he returned with his first Ep independently under the name UMngomezulu in 2019, which received a lot of love and support.

While releasing independently, some of his music appears on well-known labels such as Deepershades Recordings, Candid Beings, Deep Obsession and Afromove Music. 2022 is going to be a busy year for UMngomezulu.

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