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A two-week heat warning that was in place for most of the province, including the Kamloops area, was officially lifted this morning.

The heat warning was put in place on June 23 as parts of the province brace for near record high temperatures this weekend. The city of Kamloops hit a record high of 47.3 ° C last Tuesday – the third day in a row with a new high temperature record.

That same day, the village of Lytton hit 49.6 ° C – the hottest temperature ever on Canadian soil.

“It’s the longest heat warning I’ve seen in my career and I’ve been doing it for 34 years. I’ve never seen the heat like we’ve had it and I’ve never seen it last so long, ”said Environment Canada meteorologist Doug Lundquist.

He tells NL News it’s going to stay hot for the foreseeable future.

“We may have to issue the heat warning again, but it won’t look anything like what we saw last week. But the simple fact that it will be 30 to 35 degrees at least until next Tuesday and possibly beyond is certainly concerning, ”he added.

“The warmth we get now – despite the fact that it’s been around a long time ago – is pretty much more typical. So it’s not extraordinary, but the duration of the heat is what worries me and the drought. We’re not really renewing the dry conditions we’ve seen this spring and early summer.

In the southern interior, a heat warning is issued when there are two or more consecutive days with daytime high temperatures of 35 ° C or more, and nighttime minimum temperatures of at least 18 ° C.

“We decided that even though the daytime peaks weren’t where they needed to be, the fact that it didn’t cool overnight, we kept [the last heat warning] last longer than it could have been, ”added Lundquist.

“We wanted it to cool really well overnight or cool enough for a few days so people could take their homes that don’t have air conditioning to where they needed to be.

Environment Canada predicts a maximum of 30 C today and a minimum of 17 C with the risk of thunderstorms in Kamloops. A severe thunderstorm watch is in place for parts of British Columbia including northern and southern Thompson.

Temperatures could return close to this threshold for a heat warning this weekend with a high of 35 C and a low of 17 C expected from Friday to Monday.

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