The xx releases mini-documentary to launch Young records archive


It had been a long time since I had had a reason to talk about The xx, had it? Probably something almost four or five years old. But, thankfully, while they don’t appear to be working on a new album (although Romy and Jamie seem to have released a few solo singles), they have released a mini-documentary.

The documentary, which can be viewed below, documents their shows at the Armory in 2014. To quote the site:

“In March 2014, the xx took up residence at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City for 25 live performances, designed to test perceptions of intimacy and scale. For 10 days, each 50-minute event began with the group and a crowd of just 45 spectators seated together in a small white plaza below. The group and audience faced each other as the ceiling rose and eventually collapsed, revealing the entire 55,000 square foot exercise room – a vast, shapeless space, exemplified by smoke and light. projected, creating a unique, voyeuristic and deeply personal sharing. live experience. This video attempts to capture this space and the energy transfer that has taken place in it.

While it would have been nice to see an entire show, the 10 minute segment we see is very interesting. What it reminds me of more than anything else is a production by Marlowe Edward II I went to see the Chicago Shakespeare Theater; it was in one of the black box theaters, and there were two levels for the audience: one group sitting on the balcony and another standing on the ground floor, and the audience and actors had to move around there. ‘around each other. While, of course, there was a clearer demarcation of audience space and performer space in xx concerts, it’s really like that more than any rock concert at which j never attended.

The documentary was released as part of the launch of an archive called YOUNG then, which includes previously unreleased material from artists on Young Records (formerly known as Young Turks until edited earlier this year for … genocide-related reasons), like the xx, Jamie xx, Romy, Sampha, Jessie Ware, FKA Twigs and Koreless. The site also includes rare performances by many of the artists mentioned in the last sentence, including a session with Koreless and a string quartet performing “Sun” from Maida Vale Studios.


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