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When the Sex Pistols made their definitive statement at the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977 with the incendiary single “God Save The Queen”, they produced a manifesto that both threatened and thrilled.

Now, as the nation prepares for another Jubilee, the single is back.

It had been a struggle. Abandoned by their controversial label A&M after only 6 days, the label destroyed 25,000 copies of the disc, making the handful of copies remaining, ultra-rare collector’s items. In honor of this, only 1,977 copies of the reissued A&M version will be available.

The group then signed with Virgin and officially released the single, which was banned by the BBC and reached number 1 on the UK’s NME chart, but appeared at number 2 on the official UK singles chart, which led to accusations that the song was intentionally left out. the first place. For the only time in chart history, the track was listed as a virgin, to avoid offending the establishment.

4,000 copies of the Virgin reissue will be on sale to fans.

Both versions recreate original artwork, with the A&M edition featuring its generic sleeve and pressed on silver/platinum vinyl. The Virgin single has the absolutely iconic Sex Pistols artwork designed by Jamie Reid (© Sex Pistols Residuals).

The B-sides also reflect the original versions with “No Feeling” for A&M “and Did You No Wrong” for Virgin.


7” 1 – Blank Version (4,000 copies)
A/ God protect the queen
B/ You were not mistaken

7″ 2 – A&M version – (1977 copies)
A/ God protect the queen
B/ No feeling


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