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Here is an opportunity to enter the realm of modeling microphones with a bang. Our affiliate partner Thomann has a lot on the Slate Digital ML-1 Modeling Condenser Microphone. Until May 31, 2022, its price is 519 EUR, against 777 EUR before!

ML-1 slate offer

The ML-1 is a reference condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern and an essentially “flat” frequency response. This provides the blank canvas for microphone emulations managed by Slate Digital’s Virtual Microphone System (VMS) software. Plugged into any decent, reasonably colorless preamp, the ML-1 integrates with it to reproduce the sonic characteristics of many renowned studio microphones.

The VMS software includes a respectable selection of microphone and preamp models that can be expanded with paid model packs. Obscure names like M7, FG-800, FG-67, FG-251 and others refer to some of the most beloved vintage microphones in recording history. If you know, you know! If not, treat them as presets and find the one that best suits your voice and singing style.

The Classic Tubes software module included with the ML-1 contains 8 classic tube microphone models, the FG-73 British discrete preamp emulation, and the FG-76 German tube preamp emulation. If you’re using a modern low-latency audio interface, you’ll be able to track audio with mic emulations without audible delay.

A potential downside to all the mic modeling extravaganza is the requirement for a iLok USB drive for software copy protection and permission. If you don’t have it, you can also buy one from Thomann.

Slate Digital’s entire virtual microphone system is more than the ML-1 and modeling software. The manufacturer also offers a recording interface, an external ultra-linear preamp and a small-diaphragm modeling microphone intended to emulate instrument microphones. You can read more about these products here.

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