Scottish rocker donates £130,000 to Scottish Labor after being inspired by the birth of his granddaughter


The drummer of Scottish rock band Gun has donated £130,000 to Scottish Labor after being impressed with the party’s leadership.

Paul McManus said his life changed when his granddaughter was born and he wants to give young people more chances in life.

“I want a just society without the current politics of division, and with a particular focus on quality education and real opportunities for our young people,” he said.

Anas Sarwar took over as leader of the Scottish Labor Party last year and ordered an overhaul of the party’s fundraising operation.

It has been claimed that the Scottish party raised just £250 in a full year under Richard Leonard’s leadership.

The latest round of financial contributions, published by the Electoral Commission, shows Scottish Labor received £317,715 in donations in the second quarter of this year.

McManus, who has a range of business interests including ownership of Lanark-based Cloburn Quarry, provided £30,000 ahead of the council election.

He has since donated a further £100,000 to the party.

The rocker, who grew up in a council house, explained the donations to The Record: “My life has completely changed in the last year and my whole attitude towards work, towards everything has changed. I had thought about slowing down a bit on the work front, and then my granddaughter was born.

“This little girl really made me realize what’s important – there are children like her all over Scotland who go to bed hungry, cold or don’t even have a bed to go to. It’s heartbreaking and it’s something we all need to address.

“She ignited a spark in me – I want her to have everything she dreams of in life, to know that she can be anything she wants to be. But the most important thing is that I want this for all children.

“I want those opportunities to be there for every child, not just those born into privileged families.

“So I will do everything I can to try to make the world – and above all Scotland – a better and fairer place for all children and young people. She made me see what’s really important and for that I can’t thank her enough.

He added: “I see no viable future for our children and grandchildren under the current administrations in Edinburgh and Westminster.

“I was very impressed with the performance and most of the policies of Anas Sarwar and Keir Starmer (especially Anas) and so I want to help them to at least allow them a chance to ‘make a difference’ in this country.”

Gun has released seven studio albums, including three UK Top 20 hits and they have enjoyed eight Top 40 singles.

Their biggest hit was a cover of “Word Up!” from Cameo, which broke into the Top 10. They also supported the Rolling Stones and are touring later in the year.

In addition to owning Cloburn, McManus owns a management and record company, which develops up-and-coming artists and gives them free access to a recording studio.

His donation is part of the £1million that Sarwar said has been raised since becoming chief.

As revealed by the Record, Scottish Labor also received £200,000 from Dusty TLP Ltd, parent company of gas generator systems company Peak Scientific.

A Scottish Labor Party spokesperson said: “The Scottish Labor Party, under the leadership of Anas Sarwar, is rebuilding itself as a serious political force that can fight for power and change lives.

“Every day more and more people realize that Scottish Labor is a viable alternative to the SNP and the Conservatives and support our work so that we can change lives.

“It’s all too clear that the SNP is out of step with the people of Scotland – so it’s no wonder the likes of Paul McManus can see Labor are ready to take it to 11.”

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