Record Label x Art Collective Spirit Bomb Release Character LV4 As NFTs


Virtual artist collective Spirit Bomb announces a launch of 4,444 Cyborg LV4 NFTs this spring. Collections utilities offer creative input suggestions from NFT holders along with other benefits. By giving the bearers a direct say in the direction of the artist, the future success of the project will indeed rest in the hands of the community.

The brainchild of Strangeloop Studios, Visual Home to The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus and SZA

What are the benefits?

Those who hold a Spirt Bomb Meta NFT pass will be the first to play with LV4’s creative standard. This allows them to guide his career, his music, his potential collaborators, and even his look. Additionally, the Spirit Bomb Meta Pass shines a light on the distinctive ability of virtual artists to break down traditional barricades between communities and artists.

Additionally, the “Meta pass Mint” is the studio’s first major independent Web3 project. The Spirit Bomb Meta Pass community will share future success of LV4 outside of creative stakeholders. Since the token supply will be limited to the original 4444 NFTs. However, it’s more than just a pass to the world of LV4. The incumbents will go behind the scenes with Strangeloop Studios on their upcoming and future projects. Additionally, holders will get access to exclusive content, token-operated Discord, and deluxe ticket sales for live events, merchandise, and more.

The future of LV4

LV4 and all Spirit Bomb artists are fundamentally collaborative. The AI ​​does not control them, and they are not avatars for individual IRL artists. Instead, they come to life through multiple creatives working in concert. To decentralize Spirit Bomb artists and reward an ever-growing group of contributors, Spirit Bomb leverages Web3 architecture and tools (such as DAOs and smart contracts) to fundamentally engage the creative community in character success. .

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