Radio that has golden memories to take wherever you go


Whether you’re traveling by car, working while listening to music or just bored. Radio has made our lives easier and more musical. Indeed, when you listen to music, your work will also become bearable. So listen to your favorite music on the radios and treat your ears to the sound quality.

1. Saregama Carvaan Premium Hindi

Saregama Carvaan is currently released with its Premium variant. The most important extension is a pairing application (iOS and Android) which allows customers to choose the melody they need to hear or create their own playlist on Carvaan. Carvaan Premium currently offers more than 50 new stations devoted to artists such as Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Sharmila Tagore, Rishi Kapoor, etc.

This despite the more than 80 stations are committed to Carvaan’s leading artists, lyricists and music composers. With an additional AM radio component, both FM/AM can be heard on Carvaan Premium by multiplying it like a home radio. Carvaan’s light weight and long battery life means it goes with you wherever you go.

2. Radio Philips RL118/94

This radio from Philips comes with choices for medium wave, short wave, TV band and FM radio. It is a tabletop gadget with an adjustable airborne. This battery-operated radio has a headphone jack to give you individual space and a handle to hold for added convenience. It has great collecting power and superb sound quality. The main problem with this model is that it does not come with any batteries or connectors. You have to get them independently. It has two handles; one for volume control and the other for setting choices. This adjustment handle moves the cursor present in the adjusted screen.

Therefore, you can easily swipe to your needed recurrence or achieve your current recurrence using this handle. It will help you take an exit through a world of fond memories.

3. iBELL FM700BT Portable FM Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

iBELL leans like your home radio. You can also participate in your own assortment of tunes by plugging in a USB flash drive or streaming tunes from your SD card. It uses a battery operated battery that lasts up to 8 hours.

The radio is backed by a pan-India administrative organization, offering a one-year in-home warranty. Each channel can be chosen by turning a racing dial. So in a real sense, with a simple turn of the knob, you can get 3 Bandaged.

4. Pagaria FM/AM/SW Retro Portable Radio

Carry the RETRO portable wherever you go, with 4 hours of non-stop playback. Elegantly designed with a vintage look, which blends cohesively into your homes. The USP lies in the easy tuning of the radio with a simple to tune manual tuner up front, getting you back on time.

Raised receiving wire makes radio stations feel fresh and understood. Retro is a 3 band analog tuned radio. FM/AM/SW are the 3 bands and can be chosen effectively with just one key slide. You can calibrate the groups according to your needs. The Radio accompanies the Aerial Antenna for a strong Radio collection.

5. Amkette Pocket Blast Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Connect with Bluetooth, FM, USB/SD or Aux MP3 player and use the full numeric keypad for easy song and FM selection. The Pocket Blast Bluetooth Speaker with FM incorporates a better-than-ever soundscape that’s shockingly clear with distinct bass and satisfying vocals.

Use the inherent mic to record FM and additionally record voice notes. All you need is a USB/SD card connected. When paired via Bluetooth, use the Pocket Blast as a speakerphone.

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