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Sunshine Coast brothers Tim and Sam Aitken continue to perfect their own brand of “pop logic” with the release today of the five-track, synth-pop-laden EP “Maybe We Can Get High?

The sequel to their eponymous 2018 EP, “Maybe We Can Rise Up?” Finds Sametime sitting somewhere between the pop-dance spectrum of Last Dinosaurs, The 1975 and The Jungle Giants.

“We are young adult men who go through this phase of life where going out and getting ‘fucked’ every weekend is mandatory,” the duo explains.

“Maybe we can get high? Recounts the ecstatic highs and brutal downers of youthful hedonism.

“PE is a self-reflection of ourselves, but also of our generation as we navigate through adulthood, but making sure we have a good time doing it.”

With the songs home-written, Tim and Sam worked with Sydney producer Fletcher Matthews IRL before the pandemic as well as via Zoom to complete the leads.

“Fletcher is amazing at giving songs an edge while keeping the energy in the right place,” Sametime says.

“He has a great sonic palette and an impressive understanding of what makes a beat hit hard.

“He’s also a great songwriter and his approach is almost mathematical, which has worked perfectly with us, since we’re on the other side of the process.”

The realization of the EP work

We are not graphic designers, but being freelance artists sometimes means that we have to do certain things ourselves. This image shows us putting the finishing touches on the artwork of the EP.

Sam watched some YouTube videos on using Photoshop and voila. We love the Internet.

The filming of the first part of ‘Get To Know Ya’

We used to go to Sydney every two months for writing sessions with different producers and writers.

On the very last day of our trip, we had a session with producer / songwriter Fletcher Matthews. We walked into the session thinking we had found our sound until Fletcher hit play on a sample that got our full attention.

All of a sudden, melodies and ideas for lyrics started pouring out from everyone.

Image 2

The shooting of the second part of ‘Get To Know Ya’

The song was incredibly easy to write and we both looked at each other and agreed (for the first time) that this was the sound we wanted.

We left Sydney with the intention of returning as soon as possible to work with Fletcher again, then COVID-19 hit.

Image 3

The shooting of “Something To Feel” and “Til Ur Not OK”

Due to COVID-19, we have been forced to work with Fletcher online through Zoom. Fletcher had an idea on his side and we wrote melodies over it.

We used Google Docs to write the lyrics together and Dropbox to send the recording files back and forth. By the end of working on those two songs, we had streamlined a way to work together online.


Soozi – the studio dog

Whenever we are in our home studio, our dog Soozi sits right at our feet. She was there for the entire writing and recording process of at least four of the EP’s five tracks.

She’s a cranky bitch, but for some reason she likes to sit under loud studio monitors to listen to music.


Sametime 2021 Tour Dates

Fri Oct 1 – Caloundra Music Festival (Sunshine Coast)
Thu 14 Oct – The Zoo (Brisbane)* free entry
Fri Oct 15 – Solbar (Sunshine Coast)
Sun Oct 17 – Mo’s Desert Clubhouse (Gold Coast)
Sat 30 Oct – Valley Fiesta @ The Wickham (Brisbane)

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