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Toronto artist Miguel Maestre releases “Carnival I Miss You”

[TORONTO, Ontario]Toronto artist Miguel Maestre has released a new track dedicated to all Soca fans and international lovers of carnival culture who share a common void due to the festival’s almost 17-month absence of physical celebrations. This latest musical offering is called ‘Carnival I Miss You’.

Trinidadian-Canadian singer, songwriter, producer and sound engineer describes his new song as one for all Carnival lovers. Above all, for those who truly regret the feeling of freedom, feel the camaraderie. The song has a general release that accompanies the annual ritual and looks forward to a return to this happy place.

Groovy Soca’s energetic yet melodic tune was written by Maestre. Produced and mixed by Rich Persad and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Inaam Haq.

With sparkling synthesizers, vibrant guitars, and insightful lyrics, “Carnival I Miss You” has so far garnered widespread attention. In addition to the positive feedback from Soca-holics around the world.

The chorus of the recently released track, “I still feel like partying, I wanna party again, I wanna party again,” touched the hearts of masquerades, revelers and all those who. are associated with the carnival tradition.

Record label One Love Nation Inc

Carnival i miss you‘was released on Canadian label One Love Nation Inc.

Miguel, who recently signed to the label, said, “Joining One Love Nation Inc has been a dream come true. I am grateful for this opportunity which allows me the freedom to write, produce, create, sing and release a lot of music. Mostly, while focusing on the most important things. We have a ton of music on the way including an album and several collaborations.

Eb “Mr Ceqsi” Reinbergs of One Love Nation Inc echoed this sentiment, saying, “Miguel represents both the island and international style of the artist we were looking for. Being the great writer and performer that he is, her song “Carnival I Miss You” captures a feeling that all Caribbean and carnival aficionados on this planet have right now in our timeline. We are excited to release this track and share it with the world.

Professional musician

Miguel is a multi-instrumentalist, professionally trained in vocals, guitar, piano, drums and cuatro. In addition, his skills also include audio engineering and music production, which makes him a one-stop-shop music machine.

With a new single, a new label and a mission of non-stop growth, Miguel plans to release music continuously. Plus, resume your tours and collaborate with a wide range of artists and producers from various musical genres.

He remains grateful to the public for supporting him and his music. Additionally, Miguel is looking forward to meeting new fans at live events in the very near future.

Digital broadcast

“Carnival I Miss you” published by One Love Nation Inc. is available on all major digital streaming platforms.

Carnival I miss you - Miguel Maestre

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