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Coronavirus deaths in Moscow-Russia set another daily record, with officials reporting an increase of 737 deaths amid rising infectious diseases.

The Russian Coronavirus Task Force on Tuesday reported 23,378 new cases of the coronavirus. The daily total of confirmed infections has more than doubled over the past month, from around 9,000 in early June to more than 23,000 this week.

Despite the wave, the Kremlin said it did not intend to impose a new blockade. Russia carried out a nationwide blockade that lasted six weeks in the spring of 2020, and the government has resisted shutting down its business since then.

The headquarters of the coronavirus response has reported more than 5.6 million confirmed cases of coronavirus and a total of 139,316 deaths from pandemics. The actual death rate would be higher.


Pandemic Details:

– As the Tokyo Olympics approach, viruses in Japan cause growing concern

– Australia denies interference with Chinese vaccine rollout in Papua New Guinea

– England cricket team isolated after virus outbreak

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What else is happening:

Jerusalem – Israel is sending 700,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine to South Korea in exchange for future vaccine shipments from South Korea to Israel.

Under the deal, Israel will move the Pfizer vaccine to South Korea to inoculate more Asians this month. Officials added that South Korea would send the same dose to Israel as early as September.

“It is a mutually beneficial agreement,” Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in a statement.

South Korean infectious disease expert Jeong Eun-Ke confirmed the deal. She said the Seoul government will continue to trade with other countries.

Both countries report an increase in new infections. South Korea crossed 700 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday for four consecutive days. Israel experienced the most recent infection in three months, and the government says the delta variant is behind this trend.


Tokyo – Pressure to host the Olympics during an ever-active pandemic begins to emerge in Japan.

The Tokyo Olympics began on July 23 and organizers decided to continue even if the number of spectators dwindled or there were no spectators at all. Japan has made huge strides in vaccination against COVID-19, but momentum is losing momentum due to supply shortages.

Tens of thousands of visitors to a completely unvaccinated country are creating loopholes in border control, detecting infections in newly arrived teams from Uganda and have tested positive for highly contagious delta mutants.

I am concerned that the game will spread the virus as the number of incidents increases in Tokyo.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told reporters on July 1, “I will be vigilant” and “there may not be any spectators”.

Due to the rapidly evolving coronavirus situation, organizers, the International Olympic Committee and others will meet this week to announce new restrictions.


The Islamabad-Pakistan interior ministry said it would immediately close key border crossings to Afghanistan to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

Home Secretary Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Twitter that the Torkham border was closed to the movement of people of all kinds, until further notice from the country’s State Command and Operations Center overseeing Pakistan’s response to the coronavirus. Ad.

Pakistan’s Supreme Health Authority on Monday reported an increase in new cases of COVID-19 and a positive national rate for the coronavirus in the past seven days.

Since last year, Pakistan has reported 964,490 confirmed cases of 22,452 deaths from the coronavirus.


Sydney – New South Wales officials will announce on Wednesday whether the two-week blockade in Sydney will be extended beyond Friday.

New South Wales Premier Gladys Beregikrian has signaled a pending decision while reporting 18 newly acquired COVID-19 infections in Sydney in the past 24 hours. .. She said the decision was based on health advice.

Last week, nearly half of Australia’s population was trapped in cities on the east, west and north coasts, and pandemic restrictions were tightened due to clusters of most of the delta variants reportedly more contagious.

However, Australia’s largest city, Sydney, has the most infections and will be the last to emerge from the blockade.

The relatively low vaccination rates in Australia are due to blockages caused by relatively small clusters.

Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city, accounts for the majority of Australia’s 910 COVID-19 deaths and reported on Day 6 on Tuesday without a single case being obtained locally. did.


Berlin-Germany has relaxed strict rules on travel from the UK, Portugal and several other countries imposed by the rise of the more infectious delta mutants of the coronavirus.

The Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s National Center for Disease Control, said Monday evening that the UK, Portugal, Russia, India and Nepal would be removed from the country’s highest risk category of ” viral mutation regions ”that would take effect Wednesday. .. They move to the second highest category of “high incidence areas”.

The UK has been in the high-risk category since May 23, with the addition last Tuesday of one of the European Union’s German partners, Russia and Portugal.

Airlines and others are mainly limited to transporting German citizens and residents of “mutant virus zones”, and those arriving are required to spend 14 days at home in quarantine.


Berlin Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany would donate 3 million doses of coronavirus vaccine to Western Balkan countries “as soon as possible”.

Germany said in late May it was ready to donate a total of 30 million doses to poor countries by the end of this year.

Chancellor Merkel said on Monday that most of those doses would be given to UN-sponsored COVAX programs to immunize poor countries, while 3 million would be given directly to countries in the Western Balkans. She spoke after a video conference with a local leader.

She did not give a specific schedule for donations.


Madrid – Parts of Spain have come back to life in just a few weeks after the nightlife restrictions were lifted. It’s part of an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus infections in unvaccinated adolescents.

Health officials in parts of the country are also rushing to reach people under the age of 30 with the COVID-19 vaccine, fearing the proliferation of viruses could put a strain on medical services. Strict immunization deployments in Spain have so far focused on older and more vulnerable groups.

On Friday, the 14-day infection rate between ages 20 and 29 was almost three times the national average.

The virus has also spread to adolescents following trips and parties to celebrate the end of the school year.


Moscow – Moscow officials have said the first trials of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine have started in the city in children between the ages of 12 and 17.

Deputy Mayor Anastasia Lakova said on Monday that 100 volunteers had been recruited who had never been infected with the coronavirus and had no health issues that could prevent them from sacking. Rakova said young people receive less Sputnik V than is normally given to adults.

The new trial will be conducted as Russia faces an outbreak of coronavirus infections and struggles to increase its low dose of vaccines. Since last week, at least one coronavirus vaccine has been given to 23 million people, or just over 15% of the country’s 146 million people.


Jakarta, Indonesia-Indonesia is trying to curb the spread of COVID-19 and therefore requires foreign visitors to be fully vaccinated as one of the immigration requirements.

As of Tuesday, Ganip Warsito, the COVID-19 Mitigation Chief’s National Task Force, says foreigners entering the country and Indonesian citizens must digitally or physically prove that they have been fully vaccinated. ..

In certain cases, such as diplomatic visas and service visas, the obligation to present a vaccination record during an official ministerial visit may be excluded.

The government has also extended the quarantine period for foreign tourists from 5 days to 8 days.


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