Joe Rogan podcast disappears from Spotify


The Joe Rogan Experience disappeared from Spotify on Monday morning after users were unable to access it from the streaming giant’s website, iPhone app and Android app.

It’s unclear why the hugely popular podcast was down, although it comes amid controversy surrounding Spotify’s flagship show.

The show also briefly disappeared on Friday, with Spotify blaming technical issues.

The Independent has contacted Spotify for more information on the latest outage.

The online streaming service secured exclusive rights to Rogan’s podcast last year in a deal worth more than $100 million.

Several high-profile artists have recently removed their music from Spotify, including Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, to protest the “deadly Covid misinformation” discussed on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Spotify users were greeted with this message on Monday, February 21, when searching for The Joe Rogan Experience podcast


“Spotify accounts for 60% of the streaming of my music to listeners around the world,” Young said on its website.

“Yet my [record label] stood by my side, acknowledging the threat Covid misinformation on Spotify posed to the world – especially to our young people who think everything they hear on Spotify is true. Unfortunately, it is not the case.

Rogan has also been criticized for using racially insensitive language in old episodes, which led to over 70 episodes being removed from Spotify.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek defended the platform’s decision to continue hosting the JRE podcast in a letter to employees earlier this month, saying “voice cancellation is a slippery slope.”

Mr Ek wrote: “We have had conversations with Joe and his team about some of the content on his show, including his history of using racially insensitive language. Following these discussions and his own thoughts, he chose to remove a number of episodes from Spotify.

“While I strongly condemn what Joe said and agree with his decision to remove past episodes from our platform, I realize that some will want more. And I want to clarify one point: I don’t believe not that silencing Joe is the solution.”

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