Jim James covers Steve Miller Band’s “Seasons” for Secretly Canadian SC25 series


Jim James covers Steve Miller Band's

Jim James recently shared his rendition of Steve Miller Band’s “Seasons” in celebration of Secretly Canadian’s 25th anniversary. Along with James, Madison McFerrin also released her cover of “Over The Ocean” from Here We Go Magic.

Interpretations of iconic James and McFerrin tracks were installments created for the SC25 Singles, which is a collection of 25 singles and collaborations made to honor the Secretly Canadian label’s quarter-century milestone. The re-released series of classic albums will honor some of the record company’s most popular and influential songs over the years.

“Seasons” and “Over The Ocean” were both incredibly major tracks produced by the label. For this reason, the recreation of both songs as part of the SC25 series was extremely important to Secretly Canadian co-founder Chris Swanson.

In a press release, James discussed the importance of his restitution ban, saying, “Chris Swanson and I started in the music business around the same time and have always enjoyed his friendship and his support. It was amazing watching all the wonderful music Secretly helped bring to this world… so when he asked me to cover one of his favorite songs from my childhood in honor of Secretly’s 25th birthday, I was excited to do it, and even more excited once I got to know and love the song, which I had never heard before… but which is now also one of my all-time favorites.

James’ cover of Steve Miller Band’s “Seasons” is beautifully orchestrated in a way that perfectly honors the original. James kept his interpretation incredibly similar to the original while adding his own twist with an emphasis on his unique vocal tone.

James was also recently featured on Moby’s latest album Reprise extra on one of the slopes. Her name appeared alongside Alice Skye, Amythyst Kiah, Apollo Jane, Darlingside and more. The album was released in late May and was created with the intention of revisiting his previous work over the years. Right before that, James also appeared on John Prine’s recent live album John Prine and his friends, which was recorded at the Newport Folk Festival in 2017.


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