Jackson Mico Milas releases his new symphonic single, “Lost In Seasons”


The artist teases the release of his new album, Blu-Terrawith the release of his brand new single.

Soft, tender and moving: that’s what makes the magic of Jackson Mico Milas’ latest single, “Lost In Seasons”. Ethereal yet emotional, vulnerable yet alive, “Lost In Seasons” effortlessly depicts Jackson’s innate ability to tickle our tear ducts while plucking his guitar strings.

So what makes “Lost In Seasons” so compelling? In the spirit of its namesake, the track catapults listeners through a journey of discovery – with a melody that rises and settles in the same way the seasons of the year blend into one another. Hacked from his upcoming album, Blu-Terra“Lost In Seasons” sets an important precedent that Jackson Mico Milas is ready to get us all into our thrills – and we’re more than ready.

Ahead of the album’s November release, we sat down with Jackson to chat about everything from his year so far to his most exciting upcoming projects. To stream “Lost In Seasons” and read the full interview, head below…

Hi Jackson! How are you today?
Wonderful, thank you! It’s a beautiful overcast day in the great British summer.

And how has this year been so far? Do you have highlights?
Yesterday, I went to see friends at Motorbass, which was Philippe Zdars’ studio. It was pretty amazing to see where all those Phoenix records were made. Seeing people I haven’t seen in a long time is the most meaningful aspect of the year so far. And the Dark Mofo festival in Tasmania.

So let’s start at the very beginning. How did you first come to music?
I had a job in a recording studio as a coffee-making assistant when I was 18. I then started to write very private songs on the guitar. Some older mentors around me really encouraged me to keep writing and developing these songs, and it became High Highs, my first band. I had been tapping relentlessly on a small guitar since the age of four. Bless my parents for putting up with this for the first few years.

And how did you discover your sound? Did it come naturally or did you experiment?
Using my voice is something that I find quite confronting and scary, so I guess I walk into that fear and try to embrace it. Somewhere in there, I’m assembling simple instrumentation around it.

Have you ever seen yourself moving away from acoustic/alt-folk melodies?
I am completely open. Just yesterday in the studio, I was thinking how great it would be to have a project where I’m free from the responsibility of singing and doing something more beat-driven.

Congratulations on the release of “Lost in Seasons”! What was the one thing you wanted to achieve by writing this particular track?
Thanks! The song was born out of a reflection on how time has passed in recent years with the pandemic. Time got complicated and I wanted to reflect that somehow. Regarding the musical arrangement, I just wanted it to be as direct as possible. At one point there was a full band arrangement, but I ended up scrapping it. The guitar part is fun to play, it has an interesting tuning and I could play it all day!

Who did you play it for the first time? How was the reception?
I sent it to one of my best friends Adam who lives in Sweden and he really liked the chorus lyrics. This conversation helped me move forward with confidence.

The single is pirated from your debut album, Blu-Terrawhat was your state of mind before making it?
All audio, no software instruments. It turned out to be a really cool restriction for making an album. I like to think about restrictions at the start of a new project.

And how do you feel now that it’s finally done?
I would say a mixture of happiness and acute anguish.

What made you decide it was now time to show your work to the world?
Doing it was a gradual process, I added to it between other projects. I’m lucky the stars have aligned and I have a great team around me supporting AF.

And where do you see yourself taking your artistic talent next? What does it hold for you in the near future?
I have some songs that I’m really happy about for the next album. I’m doing a TV series for Sky Atlantic. Never stop fundamentally.


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