How BAD Music Records Will Shape African Stars, According To Founder Greg Ikechukwu


South Africa-based label BAD Music Records said the label has come to stay even as it insists no label will come close when it comes to delivering quality music and performing. promotion of artistic sites.

This was the submission of its president and founder, Greg Ikechukwu, who said that while many record companies struggle to use their platform and resources to increase the chances of acting in the music scene, its label is ready to show others how success could be achieved.

According to him, since he launched the label a few years ago, he has continued to receive positive responses as it assured him that BAD Music Records has come to stay.

“I am excited about the success we have had on the music scene, but for me I want BAD music Records to show the rest of Africa that we have what it takes to lead from the front.”


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