‘Home Boy’ is validation of records of belief that ‘rock never dies’

Seattle, WA, June 08, 2022 –(PR.com)– Belief Records, an independent record label, is preparing for the release of songs from Ali Hugo’s upcoming project. Following the success of Ali Hugo’s EP Afrodisiac, the Belief Records research team set out to create new marketing strategies for Ali Hugo’s upcoming album. Hugo has finished recording tracks for his next rock-oriented album, “Home Boy.”

“The inspiration for ‘Home Boy’ came from Belief Records’ use of video-based marketing techniques to promote Hugo’s Afrodisiac EP, which received a lot of attention.” (ROAS). “Home Boy” is inspired by the MTV years when rock reigned supreme, and Belief Records is keen to point out that “Rock Never Dies.”

According to Belief Recording artist Ali Hugo, “It’s absurd that rock bands and solo artists who are still actively producing music today are called ‘That 90s Band!’ “As a result, the Belief Records team believe that the “Home Boy” album is an opportunity to introduce the world of rock & roll to Ali Hugo fans who do not buy rock music. there hasn’t been a charismatic, successful rock star since the ’90s and early ’90s America and the world are hoping “Home Boy” will satisfy their cravings for rock & roll music, especially those who participated in Belief Record’s “Rock Never Dies” marketing survey.

The concept of the album “Home Boy” aroused the interest of participating fans. Home Boy will also include a country song and an instrumental song, both of which are staples of the Ali Hugo Belief Records formula. The decision was prompted by a desire to increase downloads, according to the Belief Records team. Hugo’s country and instrumental tracks are popular on DSP. And it makes financial sense to continue releasing original songs in these genres for download.

According to Belief Records, having an artist on the label’s roster like Ali Hugo, who generated 2 million streams in 2021, adds significant value to the bottom line. Belief Records realized the value of working with an artist like Hugo on the “Home Boy” album, when Hugo began writing and recording up to three songs a day for the project. Hugo started singing, and when the Belief Records team asked where those songs came from, Hugo replied, “All I can say is that I thank God for the gift of music.”

Belief Records’ current goal is to create innovative and effective marketing techniques for “Home Boy” to reach new markets. The Home Boy sound, for example, has a distinct “maple leaf” flavor. Therefore, it is essential to work with agents who can help Belief Records get the music to small town stores in Canada and the United States. Streaming music is essential. However, the Belief Records marketing team hopes that the “Home Boy” album will be the recording with the most downloaded songs in the history of Belief Records. Belief Records also plans to release the album on CD and vinyl. Since highly paid artists make most of their money from live performances, the music on the Home Boy album is well suited to spectators in stadiums, arenas and amphitheaters who buy tickets in advance, and the same “Home Boy” songs can be customized for virtual concerts and paid online performances.

The “Home Boy” album comes at a critical time in rock music’s global ascent, as the hottest ticket for the summer is for the sold-out Stadium Tour featuring rock legends. “I’ve seen many bands bring traditional disco and R&B arrangements back to a new generation of listeners, and I think the same formula for success can work with rock music,” Hugo explained.

According to the Belief Records team, “Home Boy songs can reach a wider audience with the help of Belief Records’ many radio connections and generate more synchronization and licensing opportunities with Belief Records.” “Belief Records is going all the way with Home Boy, and Belief Records is determined to use every tool at its disposal to create a hit record,” Hugo says of the Home Boy album.

Along with the release of a new album, Belief Records and Intercept Music/Ingroove/UMG have formed a new partnership. This collaboration will help Belief Records grow the Ali Hugo brand while increasing the album’s profitability prospects through innovative marketing, catalog management, distribution and merchandising methods. The first single from the Home Boy album “There’s a Light Over There” will be released on June 16, 2022.


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