First: Eylül Deniz – Distance


Random Numbers is a Bologna-based label run by Carlo Mameli and Bartolomeo Sailer. Their latest compilation, produced in association with Bologna, UNESCO City of Music, can be seen as a follow-up to their ‘Parallel routes‘compilation, released in 2020.’Second wave‘explores the emotions of the past year through the lens of eerie electronics.

Producer, singer and DJ, Eylül Deniz is based in Istanbul. She is part of the Badmash label and collective in addition to being the musical director of NOH Radio, a crucial part of the local underground scene.

Our choice in the compilation is’Distance‘. Sparkling synths descend into something more sinister after a minute. The artist’s screams unfold against a dark background of industrial noise before emerging into a more upbeat environment towards the end of the track.

The release of ‘Second Wave’ is scheduled for July 21 via Random Numbers. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. MR TC – Phosphorus
2. Patricia Kokett
3. Eylül Deniz – Distance
4.BXP – Altro loop
5. One hand – Dogma
6. Houschyar – Certronos
7. La Serpiente – Her soul is trapped in the desert
8. Wang inc. – Disseto
9. Ambassadors – Astra
10. Big hands – Nothing spoiled
11. UVB76 & amp; Sacred Lodge – Euqda
12. Eva Geist and Steve Pepe – Mediator


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