CLUTCH Announces Vinyl Reissue of “Robot Hive/Exodus” Collector’s Series


Groove rock masters CLUTCH today announced the second release of their Collector’s Series vinyl reissues. Getting the treatment reinvented this time is the band’s 2005 classic “Robot Hive/Exodus”organized by bassist Dan Maine. The vinyl version is remastered and made on 180 gram colored vinyl, stocked in extra heavyweight sleeves and limited to just 7,500 units worldwide. The gatefold cover is printed on metallic polyester paper, and each album includes a numbered insert autographed by the band. As an added special feature, this 2xLP includes a seven-inch single with two tracks: “What would a Wookie do?” and “Down, Socrates”. These two songs were originally part of the 16 songs written and recorded for “Robot Hive/Exodus” in 2005 but were set aside for lack of time.

Maine comments: “I’m very excited for the CLUTCH Collector’s series release of ‘Robot Hive/Exodus’. With the extra seven inches, you can now hear the full recording session remastered. We regularly play a number of these songs in our nightly gigs and have even dusted off a few more for our current tour.”

The first album of this new series was “Blast Tyrant” organized by the drummer Jean-Paul Gaster. The “Robot Hive/Exodus” the work is in the vein of the original “Blast Tyrant” yet remarkably different.

CLUTCH recently released a brand new track, “Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)”which was a tribute to the science fiction author Philip K. Dick. The track and accompanying video have garnered 585,000 streams since their release. Long time fans of Tailthe members of CLUTCH also curated a fun “inspired by” Sci-Fidelity playlist on Spotify to coincide with the release of the single.

CLUTCH just completed a two-leg trek across North America and has an extensive world touring schedule in 2022, including summer festivals, other headline dates and a return to Europe.

At the beginning of last year, gaster told Chicago-based webzine Metal Kaoz that he and his CLUTCH the bandmates had “written a lot of songs” for the 2018 follow-up “Book of Bad Decisions” LP. He said: “We’re now writing for our new album, and I think we’re spending more time than ever in the studio, just trying out different ideas. And most of the ideas never really come to an end; we try 10 things and we keep one.

“I think we’re even more selective than before about what ideas we really decide to focus on. And I think that’s because we have a lot more time. Before, we used to come home for a tour and we might have So the first week we weren’t really doing much — everyone was going home to their families and we were resting — and then the next two weeks we were getting together and playing really hard and we were doing a bunch of ideas and then on the road and playing those ideas and then coming back and doing it again. And that process could take a year and a half. That’s been different. That’s the first time we’ve had so much time at home working on ideas and I’ve never really tried them live so I’m not sure what impact it will have on the album but I think it will make a different album – whether it is good or bad or otherwise, it is too early for the say, but of course it’s another dynamic, and that requires more of us.

“A lot of times when we have new ideas and put them in front of an audience, you can really tell right away – we know right away if the song is in tempo, we know right away if the riffs are where they should be, if the chorus is what it should be”, gaster added. “It’s a testing ground. And we don’t have that right now. So for that reason, I think we’re much more careful about which ideas we really want to focus on, and which ones we think, ‘You know what?’ We’ve done this before. Let’s do something a little different. ‘”

“Book of Bad Decisions” was recorded at His Sputnik studio in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Vance Powell. The record sold 26,000 copies in America in its first week of availability, giving the band their third consecutive Top 20 album on the Billboard 200.


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