Can I download music from Amazon Music?


Sign up for RouteNote to sell music on Amazon Music. We distribute free music to streaming services around the world.

Can I download music from Amazon Music? The answer is Yes – but you need the help of a digital music distributor.

The best music distribution platforms let you download music from Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited, and all the major streaming services and stores without messing around with complicated fine print and hidden fees.

RouteNote specializes in distributing unlimited music for unsigned artists. And yes, we are biased, but one of the main reasons RouteNote offers the best music distribution available today is our level of free distribution.

We’ve removed all the barriers to getting your music online. You don’t need a label; you don’t need a giant budget.

How to upload my music to Amazon Music

We’re totally transparent about how the process works, and it’s incredibly easy. Upload your music to RouteNote and select Amazon Music in stores (we cover 90% of the digital market, so choose as many partners as you want).

If you post music with us for free, you keep 85% of the turnover. There are no additional charges for things like uploading your music to Instagram or protecting your music on YouTube with YouTube Content ID.

We also have a Premium distribution, where you keep 100% of your royalties in exchange for a small fee and an annual cost. If you know that you are going to see a lot of flow, Premium could be the option for you.

We believe in independent artists – since 2007 we have been helping unsigned artists and independent record labels publish music online. You can come and go as you please, change distributors at any time, or switch from a free distribution to a premium distribution, while retaining all rights to your music.

Learn more about RouteNote here and download songs from Amazon Music today.

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