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Brentwood resident Mia Morris wowed the judges with her solo show during the 2022 ‘America’s Got Talent’ competition auditions.

Morris, 17, is a rising senior at Brentwood High School. She performed during the fifth week of auditions with all four judges voting to send her to the next round of the contest.

Judge Simon Cowell, who Morris says can be a little scary, even called her performance “genius” after making her comments.

“People can be scared of Simon, and he can be scary, but he’s just one person,” she said.

Host Howie Mandel explained to the audience before the performance what the term “loop” meant, then gave Morris a standing ovation.

“’Looping’ is like having a recording studio at your feet. I record each individual sound and then loop it together,” Morris said.

Morris is a songwriter who plays multiple instruments. His dream is to share his music and compositions with the world. She has written over 100 songs with over 40 currently on Spotify.

“I wrote a lot of songs, because I learned that you have to write the wrong song to get to the right ones,” she said.

Morris took to the “AGT” stage with a poise, grace and sense of humor that had the judges laughing. She showed the confidence she has in her music.

“Going on stage, I wasn’t so nervous in the environment, because I had been there immersed in the ‘AGT’ culture,” she said. “I even sat in the audience to find out what the other contestants went through on stage.”

While Morris started out with piano lessons, drumming is what she really enjoys.

“Music has been in my veins for as long as I can remember,” she said. “I listen to music, go to concerts and write songs.”

Morris was inspired by the Beatles, but she’s also inspired by most of the music she listens to – even if it’s not something she likes, it still leaves something for her.

“I was raised as a classic rock fan,” she said. “I like to think of myself as a female version of the Beatles. Dave Grohl is amazing, and there’s no way you’ll like him more after reading his book.

Morris creates music in his basement. She joked that she basically lives in her studio apartment.

This is the first competition in which she participates. Watching “The Voice” and other shows led to the formation of her one-woman number one that she used in her to audition.

While college is a back-up plan, Morris hopes she’s too busy performing and honing her craft to attend. His plan for the sequel is to hopefully add to the production and share more of his original songs with the public.

The “AGT” live shows begin airing on August 9 and continue until September 13.

Those interested in watching Morris perform in Nashville should visit The Listening Room, where she performs Monday nights with a group of other female songwriters.


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