5 Reasons Why OBS is Better Than Any Other Screen Capture Software (2022)


OBS Studio is the most popular streaming and recording software. The main reason for its popularity is that it is open-source and completely free. The popularity of the software is not just limited to the masses; even top content creators and streamers use it daily.

OBS Studio has a lot to offer and is perfect for all types of users. This article aims to develop the most influential factors that make OBS Studio better than any other screen capture software.

Five Reasons That Make OBS the Best Screen Capture Solution

1) High performance

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Most of the screenshot software is infamous for negatively impacting game performance and being extremely taxing on the system. The general cause is that the software usually depends on high CPU usage. This ultimately impacts your gaming and recording experience. Luckily, OBS Studio is quite well optimized as it is devoid of any bloatware common to other screen recording software.

OBS Studio is especially useful for those with a budget PC who game and record/stream at the same time. Even while playing games and recording screens at the same time, you can expect minimal performance loss while maintaining a quality stream. If you have a new Nvidia graphics card, OBS even supports the Nvenc chip. The Nvenc chip is a separate hardware encoder that offloads the load from the PC CPU.

2) It’s free

obs is up there with the best (free) software of all timestreaming, screen recording, audio recording, this thing does so much and asks for nothing in return thanks @OBSProject

OBS is completely free to download and use. All you have to do is go to the OBS website, choose your operating system and download it. This squarely makes the software the first choice for many aspiring content creators and streamers. Most people don’t want to invest heavily in screen recording software at first.

Most freeware usually has some restrictions and will require you to have a watermark on your recording. OBS, however, has no such restrictions and offers a full-fledged professional screen recording solution. If you are planning to buy a premium screen recording software, think twice and try OBS Studio before spending your money.

3) Open-source with best plugin support

We launched the beta version of our plugin Stream Deck OBS 2.0. This update adds 9 new actions, including Toggle Filter, Record Replay Buffer, Media Source Control and more! I would like to hear your comments on them. Check it out 👉 discord.gg/elgato https://t.co/ffvvhHSpc6

OBS Studio is open-source software. Open source software has freely available source codes that can be modified and improved. The OBS developer community is perhaps the largest for open source screen recording software. You can find endless plugins for OBS to improve and refine your experience.

The great thing about OBS is that it provides all the essential features out of the box, but it doesn’t come with bloatware. To meet some special requirements and features, you can choose to download them separately as plugins. This may seem like an inconvenience to many new creators, but we recommend setting up your software correctly. Having the right settings and plugins installed will give you full control and streamline your work.

4) Easy integration with SteamElements

Since I forgot to follow my tweet the other day, here are the pictures. A few OBS plugins are needed and some streamelement overlays were used, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to set up if anyone wants to https://t.co/6WRpeX13DR

This feature is mostly in line with the previous point about plugins. But it is so incredibly influential and useful that it deserves separate mention. StreamElements is an OBS plugin that can be installed to work with standard software. It can be used to set specific overlays, set up a chatbot, have alerts, engagement tools, and endless feed integrations.

StreamElements is the preferred overlay and alert solution for the majority of the streamer community. It’s completely free to use, although there are some freemium features like paid overlays and alerts. But you also get plenty of free overlays and alerts, and it also gives you the ability to set up your own custom overlays and alerts.

StreamElements can completely revamp your stream both visually and functionally. Most importantly, it is beginner-friendly and can be used without any complications.

5) Excellent support with updates

OBS Studio 27.2.3 is now available! This fix fixes the issue where preview could hang and output disconnect, some crashes, plus several other minor fixes. Patch notes and download: github.com/obsproject /obs…

OBS Studio has one of the most active developers among other similar software. The developers are extremely alert to customer concerns and recommendations. They frequently roll out updates for core features and bug fixes. One of the reasons why OBS manages to push updates so fast is that its software is based on a clean experience and without any visual or functional complexity.

Even OBS’s other product, Streamlabs OBS, cannot match the update frequency and speed of OBS Studio. Again, that’s because Streamlabs OBS is essentially a reskinned OBS, and it takes extra effort and time to implement changes for that. Overall, OBS Studio is quite possibly the most reliable and developer-supported screen recording software.

OBS is clean and easy to use software that every game creator should use

OBS is arguably the best screen capture software available for the majority of streamers and content creators. It offers just about everything for beginners and professionals. Beginners can expect a clean and easy-to-use interface, while professionals can choose to refine their experience with plugin support. Moreover, it is completely free to use and can be run without any major performance issues. If you’re considering using OBS Studio, we’re sure you’ll love its simplicity and polished features.

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